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Promote campaigns orientated towards achieving social awareness of the need for the normalisation and integration of people with intellectual functional diversity.

Promoure les accions necessàries davant les Administracions Públiques i la societat en general per a potenciar l’accés de les persones amb diversitat funcional intel•lectual al món Sociolaboral.

Advise and assist associations, cooperatives and any organisation related to the world of people with intellectual functional diversity, as well as the competent bodies in the public administrations.

Promote, encourage, manage, represent and administrate, if required, any type of institution, service and pedagogical or therapeutic activity as well as activities for social and occupational inclusion that demand at all times the attention and individual promotion of people with intellectual functional diversity.

Promote specialised volunteering through awareness-raising, training and publicity activities.

Raise awareness among families, organisations and society in general to make progress in respect for the rights and dignity of people with intellectual functional diversity.

Act as an organ for dissemination and a link between the diverse associated bodies; publishing information and studies, and conducting courses and management activities, with the aim of producing relations, knowledge and the exchange of ideas between such bodies, and uniting efforts of all kinds for the benefit of people with intellectual functional diversity.

Establish common services.

Promote the comprehensive development, autonomy and independence, equal opportunities and rights of people with intellectual functional diversity.

Collaborate with similar organisations or entities of any nature in all matters that contribute to improving the comprehensive development of people with intellectual functional diversity, and which add qualitative value to our organisation and associated entities.

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