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On September 20 and 21, 2021, in online mode, the Third Meeting of the Erasmus + Capability-TB Project took place, it was attended by the European entities involved in the development of this european project. Together they make up an Adult Education strategic association: Amica, coordinating entity and COPAVA (Spain); CECD Mira Sintra (Portugal); CSS Forlí (Italy); KSDEO EDRA and IED (Greece) and FORBA (Austria).

CAPABILITY-TB is developed for 24 months (from November 2020 to October 2021) thanks to the support of the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education SEPIE, Autonomous Body, under the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

CAPABILITY-TB aims to create a community network based on the collaborative economy through the development of a training program to improve the inclusion and participation of persons with intellectual disabilities through a Time Bank. The project applies a methodology of social innovation, based on co-creation, protagonism and the capacities of all people (persons with disabilities, families, professionals and other interested agents) favoring an inclusive, accessible and experienced approach and providing another opportunity to increase their skills for active participation in society.

The first day of the meeting focused on assessing the importance and impact of the first result of our project “Co-created methodological guide for the training of people with disabilities and support people for the improvement of inclusion and participation through the Time Bank” (available in English for the moment:

Likewise, the partners had the opportunity to share the structure and contents of the CAPABILITY-TB training program by discussing and looking for common formulas and strategies which allow people to understand and to have an approach to time banks, as a tool for fundamental participation in the community.

During the second day, the debate focused on the advancement of a pedagogical methodology for the development of attractive, visual and accessible training materials for all people, as well as on the configuration of the e-Platform Capability-Tb that will be structured in two areas: A training platform to facilitate learning about the operation of Time Banks and a Time Bank e-Platform where the people involved can begin to make the first exchanges offering and receiving services.

Both days have been very interesting and useful ideas have been shared for the advancement of our project, they have been intense and very profitable. The good harmony of the work team set up by the partners is translated in the good quality of the results. It is clear that the professionals involved perceive the same concerns and move towards the same goal: to build a better society, where all people have their place by valuing their capabilities.