Inclusive sport: theoretical-practical session for the EU-COLPBOL project

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The first co-creation session for the Erasmus+ EU-COLPBOL project, carried out jointly by COPAVA and AEColpbol, was held with the participation of users and professionals from the La Costera-Canal Aspromivise Xàtiva Occupational Center, as well as several professionals from the sports sector. Thanks to the collaboration of the Ajuntament del Genovés, which has provided us with a room in the Museu de la Pilota to hold the theoretical session and with the municipal sports facilities for the training part, the session has been very successful, both at the organizational and results level, since thanks to the contributions of all the participants, we have been able to obtain important information that will enrich our European project EU-COLPBOL. This project aims to implement Colpbol at the European level, a sports modality born in Valencia with a genuinely inclusive vocation. We are convinced that sport is a powerful tool to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual functional diversity, but if, in addition, this sport allows us to easily integrate people with different abilities into the same team, it also becomes a tool for promote social inclusion. We were able to verify this aspect during our co-creation session, where we all enjoyed various training activities, ending with a fun match in which all the participants could play, integrating the different abilities of each athlete. Do you want to play…?

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